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Powder Hound Gas


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Powder Hound Gas

90% Sativa
10% Indica

Grade AAAA

20% THC

Created by crossing Jack Herer and an unknown strain, leaves this bud as an extremely rare one. This strain gives you an energetic buzz that leaves you motivated and feeling great through your day. Powder Hound tends to make people incredibly talkative and has been used for treating conditions such as chronic pain, lack of focus, chronic fatigue, depression, and mood swings.

This bud has that absolutely beautiful kush smell with earthy pine and a hint of lemon. The flavour is a sweet and spicy mix, a sweet pine accented by a spicy earth tone that ends with just a hint of lemon. With its dark green shaped nugs, dark with purple undertones, a few amber hairs and a beautiful frosty layer of crystal trichomes, makes this one amazing bud.


1G, 3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G