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Ice Queen Gas


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Ice Queen Gas

90% Sativa
10% Indica

Grade AAAA

18-23% THC

Ice Queen is a potent cross between the very well known White Widow and Princess 99. People describe this high as one that starts off so uplifting, leaving you motivated with waves of creative and euphoric energy. This strain starts as a head high that flows through your body leaving you totally relaxed and at ease, without any of the couch-lock effects. Ideal for mornings, this strain is often used for treating stress, chronic pain, headaches or migraines, and nausea.

This strain has an aroma of almost a lavender-rose scent with a sweet floral taste. These buds have dense popcorn shaped nugs that are dark olive green with patches of bright green and a thin layer of amber hairs. Frosty with thick white trichomes and sweet sticky resin, this really is one beautiful strain.


1G, 3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G